Wellness through rhythm, movement and curious communities

Wellness through rhythm, movement and curious communities

Are you looking to try something new to work on your wellness and to connect with communities of like minded humans? 

It’s time to try something new folks. Sign up to experience an activity that will benefit your wellness more than you would ever imagine.

What’s not to love about connecting with a new community? You could fall in love with the power of rhythm based activities by letting out your playful side to the sounds of drums. You could be experiencing the joy of letting your body flow freely to music. You might even feel like you’re vibing with your ancestors by experiencing how they were fully connected to the world around them through the joys of sound and movement. 

We are starting a listings of experiences we think you might love with this Drum Circle experience by our drumming friends Mike and Rowan and a Nada Yoga experience with Ciara.

Keep an eye on Belfast Times as we add some activities in the next few weeks which we think you need to try out:

Curious Community Drum Circle

Friday 31st March at Maitri Studio, Belfast

Introductory offer. Pay for one ticket and bring a friend for free.

Tell your friends (and everyone you know).

Stay Curious! 🪘⭕️🌀

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Nada Yoga

Sunday, 16 April '23. 7pm – 8pm. The Den Yoga Belfast, Floor 2 37 Malone Road, Belfast

Nada Yoga, or the Yoga of Sound, is a non-movement practice. A practice of coming into union with one’s self through music and sound. A mix of therapeutic sounds, such as singing bowls, mantra, percussion, silence, as well as simple mindfulness techniques will be offered. Relax and receive transformational vibrations as you are guided towards the emotional center of the body – the heart space.

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Plant Medicine Spirit Journey by @aho_wellness

15th April, 13th May, 20th May


Paul from Aho Wellness is a registered pharmacist with experience in mental health and addiction.

He will be guiding 8 individuals on a single day immersive retreat through deep inner healing with the use of various Plant Medicines. We will be connecting to and welcoming the Spirit of each Sacred Medicine into our hearts so we can; unwind our nervous systems, regulate our bodies, break habitual patterns, clear energetic blockages and raise our consciousness.

Get in touch through Instagram DM’s on @aho_wellness


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