Look after your mind with some outdoor activity ideas

We need to look after our mind more than ever. So we’ve created a list of things to do to inspire you to look after yourself with outdoor activities. Don’t forget to be mindful and kind to yourself. You deserve it.
  1. Go for a walk to the park, on your own, with a mate, with the dog. Fresh air, the scents of flowers.. it’s good for the mind.
  2. Be more adventurous and get walking up a hill or mountain. Cave Hill, Black Mountain… if it’s too hot you might want to do it early in the morning or late in the evening.
  3. Go for a cycle. Pump those tires up and get out on an adventure on a Greenway. That wind blowing through your hair will be good for you.
  4. Do you have a garden? You might want to reacquaint yourself with it. It could probably do with some TLC anyway.
  5. Visit some of the many amazing beaches in Northern Ireland. Here are our top tips >> NI BEACHES
  6. Get the factor 30 (or 50) on and relax with a book wherever you can outside. We prefer turning the pages of an actual book to swiping through a digital book on our tablet.
  7. Go for a swim. We are on an island so the beach is never too far away to go for a paddle in the cool sea.
  8. Go for a picnic. Arrange to meet a friend or head out on your own. Take all your favourite picnic food and enjoy some alfresco dining.
  9. Start a new hobby. Maybe plant a vegetable patch or plant some herbs in a window box.
  10. Go on a photowalk. Whether you have a camera or just a phone, go out and experiment with your camera taking photos of everything you see.
  11. Take the dog for more walks. You know it wants more exercise, and it loves spending time with you.
  12. Visit a museum. There are plenty of free museums around the country you have never seen yet.
  13. Fly a kite. When did you last fly a kite. Bring the fun kid in you out to play? Find a breeze and fly.
  14. Go for a run. Start short and slow and gradually build it up. Basically you can run a minute then walk a minute to start with and you’ll be running 10k’s in no time.
  15. Go for a drive and rediscover our beautiful country.
  16. Take a tour around the free to access Game of Thrones filming locations.
  17. Try some outdoor yoga. Get a mat and download a yoga app or open a yoga book and practice practice practice.
  18. There are loads of beautiful walking trails out there. Here are some of the best >> WALKING TRAILS
  19. Learn to draw. Plonk yourself in a scenic spot and draw what you see. Keep practising and you’ll keep improving.
  20. Go exploring in your neighbourhood. Walk down that lane you’ve never been down before. You never know what you might find, hopefully something wonderful.
  21. Volunteer at an animal recuse centre and help out. They always need and appreciate assistants.
  22. Do some work in your local community, join a community group and help improve where you live.
  23. Grab a few refuse sacks and tidy up your street. You might weed a footpath, tidy up litter or clear the area of littered plastic. Be proud of your community.
  24. Go foraging. There’s nothing better than freshly foraged food.
  25. Visiting your local library and grab a book on foraging, yoga, drawing and learn that new skill.
  26. Learn some history about your area by visiting free entry tourist sites. There are a lot of Free entry National Trust sites with information points.
  27. Search for free sites to visit. Your local tourism office will be able to help out as well. You’ll be surprised how many FREE things there are to see in your area.
  28. Step outside and do some exercise. Try out the Apple Fitness plus app and be inspired to move.
  29. Explore, exercise and most importantly have fun and enjoy!!


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