6 things to do for good mind health

6 things to do for good mind health

So what are our favourite things to do on a down day that are good for mind health.

Switch off

Yeah it’s a daunting thought! But give your fingers and thumbs a break, and switch off your phone, your laptop, your tablet and your games console. Just switch it all off and stop the information overload for the day.

Read a book

When did you last sit on the sofa with a good book and read for the day? Here’s your opportunity! Once you’ve switched all your technology off, focus on one of the most wonderful experiences; reading a book. Escape into another world and take your imagination on a journey with a good read. 

Go for a drive and escape to the country

You probably already have fuel in your car, so why not go for a drive around our beautiful country. There’s so much to see and enjoy. The awesome Antrim coast looks amazing in all weathers, Strangford Lough is equally stunning, or even head to Crawfordsburn or Helen’s Bay beach. Belfast has loads of parks to enjoy; when did you last go to the park to just be. 

Have a solo dance party!

Turn the radio up, get the music pumping, turn up your favourite tunes and dance around your living room and feel awesome! 

Go for a splash 

Is it wet? Is there a big puddle? Participate in one of the joys of childhood by dancing in the puddles and enjoying that innocence of youth. You won’t believe how good it feels.

Shoes off! 

Go to your local park, kick the shoes off, and connect with planet earth. There’s nothing quite like feeling the grass under your feet. That cool refreshing feeling as the blades of grass tickle your feet and you feel connected to nature.

Wild Swimming

You know you want to really, but maybe there’s a fear factor. There really is nothing better to completely switch off and get your swimsuit on and wild swim. Floating in the sea, thinking of nothing but the experience, looking at the sky and the clouds passing by. It’s our top tip to unwind. 


Look after yourselves folks! 

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