Titanic Belfast: An original music score

Titanic Belfast: An original music score

Titanic Belfast has announced it has commissioned its first original music score which will run throughout the four new galleries within the refreshed Titanic Experience, creating what promises to be one of the world-leading visitor attraction’s most immersive and emotive visitor experiences to date.

The score has been composed by Stijn Hosman from Amsterdam, alongside the companies designing and delivering the reimagined experience; ShoSho, Studio Louter and Opera Amsterdam, also features local musician Maebh Martin from Belfast.

The music starts within the new Never Again gallery and slowly builds up as visitors move through the experience until they reach The Ship of Dreams where the score reaches a crescendo. The music encourages visitors to reimagine the story of Titanic through double bass, cello, violin, fiddle, human voices, piano and electronics.

The unique experience sees the music sync with state-of-the-art projections and the 7.6m long illuminated scale model of RMS Titanic, to form a changing dreamscape taking guests on a reflective journey looking at those impacted by the iconic ship. It is an emotional experience exploring the different themes from the designing and building of the ship, the dreams and optimism of people journeying towards a new life in America, the tragedy and stories of the people who were lost, as well as the long journey towards finding the ship after it sank many decades later.

Read more about the new galleries at Titanic Belfast here.

Stijn Hosman and  Maebh Martin

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