Dermalogica Double Cleanse Skincare Routine

Dermalogica Double Cleanse Skincare Routine

If you’re feeling like your skin needs a treat, book yourself into the Dermalogica store in Belfast City centre for a treatment.

Our editor Jeff recently tried it out with a ProSkin60 treatment to calm his skin and help his skin recover from a very outdoor lifestyle. 

Dermalogica invited me along to experience a treatment in their new Belfast store. On arrival I was shown my treatment room and given time to relax into the big comfy treatment chair. As is standard with all such treatments I was asked if I had any skin concerns; the answer was simply light rosacea, the result of a harsh outdoor lifestyle.

I was booked in for a 1 hour treatment; a ProSkin60, which was tailored to my skin’s needs and included:

  • A Double cleanse, one with pre cleanse oil and one with ultra calming cleanser and a cleansing brush for a deeper cleanse.
  • Some extractions around my nose followed by an LED purple light therapy to calm my skin.
  • A hyaluronic acid serum to hydrate and Biolumin C to brighten my skin with a conductive masque on top.
  • My face was then spritzed with Ultra Calming Mist and finally the NEW Circular Hydration Serum was applied followed by Calm Water Gel and Multivitamin Power Firm Eye. 

The difference after a 1 hour ProSkin treatment was noticeable, my skin glowed. I highly recommend this as a gift for someone special, and of course possibly for yourself! 

Belfast Dermalogica Salon

Since the treatment, Dermalogica sent me a few products to try at home and I’ve spent the last few weeks learning to use them and when to use them to fit into my outdoor lifestyle.

Pre Cleanse (AF) deep cleansing oil is the first step in a double cleanse routine. The oil melts away layers of excess sun cream (which I use daily) and environmental pollutants that build throughout the day. Using skin fortifying Borage Seed, Kukui, and Apricot oils the pre cleanse kicks off my routine.

Pre cleanse is best to massage on to dry skin to start my double cleanse after a busy day, concentrating on areas of congestion, usually around the nose.  I then wet my hands and continue massaging to create a milky emulsion, before rinsing with lukewarm water.

Special Cleansing Gel (AF) is my next step in the double cleanse. This naturally foaming cleanser gently rinses away toxins and debris. It contains calming Balm Mint and Lavender extract to soothe your skin, ideal to calm any rosacea, which of course was my number one skin concern.

Gently lather a small amount of cleansing gel on moistened hands and apply to a dampened face and neck before rinsing with warm water.

Biolumin-C Serum (AF) works with the skin’s own defenses to brighten and firm, and who in their 50’s doesn’t want a bit of firming. Use on your face and neck morning and night after cleansing and before moisturising and toning.

Antioxidant Hydramist toner (AF) to use at the end your skincare regime, and throughout the day. A simple mist-on formula creates an antioxidant shield to fight free radical damage. Pea Extract helps firm the skin while Rose and Clove extracts comfort and refresh, perfect for summer weather if your skin needs a refresh.

I found that doing this routine in the morning didn’t work for me, I needed a simple wash and moisturise (with an SPF) before heading out the door, but as a post work routine it works perfectly and gives my skin a great end of day cleanse and glow after a day exposed to the elements of a sweaty outdoor life covered in SPF moisturiser and sun cream.


Dermalogica double cleanse, serum and toner

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