Oh mummy! Lush at Halloween is a Screamo

Oh mummy! Lush at Halloween is a Screamo

Apart from Lush always smelling so good, we love their seasonal themes and Halloween is usually fun and quirky.

Where else would you get a pumpkin shaped face mask, a wobbly black tarantula, Screamo or Ghostie bath bombs, Blood Orange shower gel, a Lord of Misrule range, Pumpkin shower slime, a Cyclops bubble bar, and fun themed gift boxes.

It’s great to see the drive for quirky and fun products matched with great company ethics as well. Lush continue on their journey towards supporting communities, supporting local charities, plus the journey towards reducing waste and plastics. You’ll find charities represented in the Belfast stores some weekends with profits from the Lush Charity Pots donated to the charity.

The journey towards plastic free and minimal waste continues apace with Halloween Gift Boxes almost collectible items you wouldn’t want to throw out! The boxes are packed without plastics and compostable packing inside to hold everything in place.

You’ll also notice in store that some items do need packaged in plastic, so Lush encourage you to bring it back when you’re finished and they recycle them. If you look closely on the plastic you’ll see a number indicating how many times it has been recycled. 

The fun side in the company always shines brightly though, and I think I’ve found my next party venue. For £25 each you can have a party in your own corner of the store and enjoy games and activities in a party themed just for you. And each guest gets to take home an exclusive party product. Sounds fun doesn’t it.

This Halloween you could book one of the taster Lush Party Experience Workshops at £15 per person and you could enjoy some spooky Party activities, handmade product making of Lush’s best-selling Halloween bath bomb Punkin Pumpkin (£5) and a Lush Party exclusive Gunge shower slime to take home after the workshop.

If that sounds like a trick or treat, pop into the Belfast store and enjoy the Halloween fun!

Halloween at Lush

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