Joy’s Entry

Joy’s Entry

An A-Z of NI: J for Joy’s Entry

One of Belfast’s network of lanes connecting High Street to Ann Street, known as The Entries.

Pottingers Entry used to be the most famous Entry due to it being one of the oldest streets/lanes in the City, but in recent years Joy’s Entry has become a bit of an attraction thanks to a number of very instagrammable makeovers by @rebeleventsni.

Joy’s Entry is home to Henry’s and The Jailhouse.

It takes its name from the Joy family, one of whom (Francis Joy) founded the Belfast Newsletter in the 1737.

Look out for the Ulster Historical Circle plaque above the entrance which states ‘Henry Joy McCracken 1767-1798 United Irishman born in a house near this site.’

Mary Ann McCracken (Henry’s sister) was also a social activist and campaigner in Belfast.

The other Entries include:

  • Pottinger’s Entry
  • Wilson’s Court
  • Crown Entry
  • Winecellar Entry
  • Castle Arcade 

And forgotten entries which might some day be revived are:

  • Sugarhouse Entry
  • Cole’s Alley
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