A-Z of NI: B for Belfast

A-Z of NI: B for Belfast

B for Belfast

You voted for Belfast!

Our capital City is buzzing again and you are welcoming tourists in the best way you know.. with open arms and big smiles.

It’s fairly obvious to tourists that contrary to the news that gets out into the world that we have so much to offer as a city full of happy and passionate people.

There’s a reason why our country is marketed to the world as somewhere you’ll get a giant welcome… because it’s so true. People are at the heart of our offering but we have so much to see and do in the city, enough to keep anyone busy for days if you want to explore.

And that’s what we are most passionate about.. showing how much more Belfast and beyond has to offer. There’s so much in fact, that we are discovering even more every week.

A few of the favourite tourist activities in Belfast are:

  • Titanic Belfast
  • The City Hall tour
  • Visiting the Crown Bar
  • Drinking a Guinness
  • A private taxi tour
  • The Murals 
  • The Peace Wall
  • Seeing the H&W cranes 

Highlights of what you can you do in each area of the city


  • Belfast Zoo
  • Crumlin Road Gaol
  • Cave Hill
  • Belfast Castle
  • Clifton House


  • Titanic Belfast and all the Maritime Mile attractions including the brand new Titanic Distillery 
  • C.S.Lewis Square
  • Stormont


  • Ulster Museum
  • Botanic Gardens and Palm House
  • Tropical Ravine 
  • Queen’s University 
  • Lagan Towpath 
  • Giant’s Ring


 City Centre  

  • City Hall
  • 2 Royal Avenue 
  • St George’s Market 
  • The Dome at Victoria Square
  • Cathedral Quarter and Commercial Court
  • St Anne’s Cathedral
  • Linenhall Library


Did you know about the secret Whiskey museum? You need to buy a bottle of whiskey to gain access! Head over to The Friend At Hand in the Cathedral Quarter (opposite the Harp Bar).

Did you know there are 2 buildings competing for the oldest building in the city? It might be The Dirty Onion, or it might be McHughs, either way, they are both very old, from around 1700.

In the Dark Horse you find a stunning wooden door, just one from a trail of doors in special places around Northern Ireland to celebrate Game of Thrones. The doors are made from the wood of fallen trees at the Dark Hedges, an iconic filming location.

Did you know that underneath the curve of High Street is the River Farset, and The Entries along the street were once lanes leading off the quayside street along the rivers edge. Can you imagine if it wasn’t covered over, the city centre would look complete different!

Did you know that Palm House in Botanic Gardens was the inspiration for Palm House at Kew Gardens in London. We led the way!

Did you know we have 8 quarters in the City. A quarter in a City isn’t a fraction, it’s a significant area within a city where people live, much like the servants quarters or the living quarters of an estate. Most cities have numerous quarters, look at New York or Paris. Our 8 quarters are: City Centre, Cathedral Quarter, Linen Quarter, Titanic Quarter, Queen’s Quarter, Gaeltacht Quarter, East Side, The Shankill.

The H&W on the city cranes means Hello and Welcome (it doesn’t really 😆). I’m sure Harland & Wolff don’t mind that the local tourist industry tell tourists that. It seems appropriate that we give the biggest Hello and Welcome to everyone. 


There’s so much to see and do in Belfast we recommend an overnight stay. Some of our favourites we can recommend (from previous stays) are:

  • Malmaison
  • Grand Central
  • Fitzwilliam
  • Titanic Hotel 
  • The Merchant
  • Europa
  • And you can’t beat a wee Premier Inn for value 

 Have a great time in Belfast and NI! 



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