Our top picks: Imagining a future with greenspace for all

Our top picks: Imagining a future with greenspace for all

Gardeners, partners and the wider public, including never been gardeners, are welcome to come together at 2 Royal Avenue in the city centre for food and chat about the many benefits of growing food and what citizens need to take action to green their doorstep urban spaces.

The event will feature live demonstrations from urban gardeners and those they have worked with to make their vision of their little bit of the city as a biodiverse and vibrant space come true.

Community gardening should be easier and more accessible for everyone. These events are an opportunity to find out more and share what you need to make it happen.

Much has been achieved in the journey towards our vision of green spaces for all. But we all can do more. There is an appetite for active spaces, creative spaces, environmental spaces and in these times of belt tightening a literal hunger for spaces to grow food. We believe in greenspaces for all, and we believe together we can do it!

This event will include workshops, discussions and presentations from gardening activists. By bringing together those working on the ground to create green spaces in Belfast we will inform a manifesto that the people of this city can use to communicate their vision to each other and decision makers.

Are you in??

Saturday 25 March 10am

FREE (Register HERE)

This event is supported by 9ft in common, Food Ethics Council, Liminalley, Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful, Buglife, Rainbow Alley, Grow Community Garden, Belfast City Council and a number of other community gardens and alley gardens in Belfast.

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