A new vegan Domino’s pizza: The PepperoNAY

A new vegan Domino’s pizza: The PepperoNAY

Domino’s is expanding its much-loved menu, putting a Vegan Friendly twist on everyone’s favourite pepperoni pizza. Ideal for anyone wanting to flex their eating habits, the nation’s best loved pizza company is launching the Vegan PepperoNAY - awelcome treat for plant-based pizza fans.

Domino’s fresh, vegan dough is hand-stretched to perfection, swirled with the signature vine-ripened tomato sauce,generously sprinkled with Domino’s vegan cheese and finallytopped with a specially created vegan pepperoni from The Vegetarian Butcher, for the perfect mouthful in every hungry bite.

The Vegan PepperoNAY is served with the much-loved VeganFriendly version of the iconic Garlic & Herb dip, so foodie fans can enjoy the full dunking experience.

This latest addition brings the Domino’s vegan menu up to four pizzas packed full of flavour including the Vegan MargheritaThe Chick-Ain’t, Vegan Vegi Supreme and now the Vegan PepperoNAY. 

Domino’s PepperoNAY Picker, Melanie Howe said: “After much experimenting in the Domino’s kitchens, with taste tests a plenty, we can’t wait to bring Vegan PepperoNAY to the masses. These smoky PepperoNAY slices are going to go down a treat. With deals to suit every budget, there is no excuse to not try something new this January!”

The new pizza is available NOW nationwide. Domino’s is now offering two new great value deals in Northern Ireland - the Winter Warmer Deal at £19.99 for one Large Pizza, Garlic Pizza Bread, Wedges,Cookies and three 330ml cans or one 1l bottle of refreshing drink, OR the Extreme Winter Warmer Deal, where you can add an extra Medium Pizza for just £5.  Try your favourite pizza as part of the online deal, via the app, or head to collect from your local store.

For more information and to find your nearest store visit: Domino’s

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