Sizzle your way through Spring with a Spice Box

Sizzle your way through Spring with a Spice Box

Four Star Pizza have introduced the SPICE BOX to their new menu and all spicy food lovers should be prepared to sizzle this Spring! 

The spice box contains the perfect amount of peppers, onion, potato wedges and crispy chicken, all lovingly tossed in the secret Four Star Pizza seasoning – it has to be tasted to be believed, it’s spicy for sure!

The origins of the spice box are as enigmatic as the spices that make it so delicious. 

“No one really knows when the spice box, or spice bag as it’s sometimes called, really became a cultural foodie phenomenon.  However, its origins are said to date back eleven years when workers at a Chinese takeaway, bored of the usual food, decided to create something new for their staff meal.   They loved the results so much that they let friends try it who were equally impressed and as word got around and the orders flooded in, the dish was eventually added to their takeaway menu and adopted by many others.’’ said Brian Clarke, Director, Four Star Pizza.

At £6.50 this is sizzling hot great value to match its sizzling spicy taste sensation! 

Four Star Pizza operates 59 stores across the island of Ireland.  In Northern Ireland, the company opened the first of its 15 stores in Belfast in 1999 and other locations now include Bangor, Dundonald Carrickfergus, Newry, Drumahoe, Derry, Armagh, Newtownabbey, Coleraine, Lisburn and Craigavon.

Visit for more information and to find out where your nearest store is.

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