Plant kitchen expands range for 2023

Plant kitchen expands range for 2023

M&S is our favourite destination for vegan food. They have recently added to the already extensive Plant Kitchen range this year. Over the next week or so we’ll be trying out a selection of the range, keep an eye on our editors Instagram here

As with all M&S Food products, Plant Kitchen is developed with ‘delicious- first’ in mind and with over 250 products existing in the range already, Plant Kitchen is one of the largest own brands on the high street with innovative and inspiring products that mean you NEVER compromise on taste!

So, what’s NEW?

  • Plant Kitchen No Chicken & Chorizo Sandwich
  • Plant Kitchen Stonebaked Vegan Chicken and Pepper Pizza
  • Plant Kitchen Victoria Sponge Cake
  • Plant Kitchen Vegan ‘Nduja Paste
  • Plant Kitchen Vegan Fried Chicken Seasoning 

M&S really experimented this year with their launches trying out new proteins, and dairy alternatives, their product developers have spent a combined 18 months on perfecting the recipe and ingredients for the new launches.

There’s no missing out at breakfast time with Plant Kitchen High Protein Vegan Choco Crunch, not only is it incredibly chocolatey and moreish, it’s also healthy!* Nearly 2,000 products have the Eat Well health seal of approval and now for the first time they have a Plant Kitchen Eat Well Cereal! The Eat Well health seal of approval means it has a health benefit and supports a balanced diet. Made with plant-based rich chocolate oat and barley crunch with soya protein crispies and dark chocolate curls - breakfast will be your favourite meal time!

For plant power on the go, check out this EPIC feast of a sandwich, the Plant Kitchen No Chicken & Chorizo Sandwich made with succulent wheat and pea protein, a tangy lemon paprika dressing, a tomato crush and rocket – a sandwich FIRST to the high street!

For the first time EVER, you can celebrate birthdays and parties with a VEGAN cake from M&S with the Plant Kitchen Victoria Sponge. 

Get ready to whip up some DELICIOUS dishes with some new Plant Kitchen ingredients. Make scratch cooking that bit easier with Plant Kitchen Vegan ‘Nduja Paste, a spicy tomato paste with olive oil, smoked paprika and chilli.

Love a Friday night curry? The Plant Kitchen Green Thai Curry has been revamped to carry the Eat Well health seal of approval. Made with sweet potatoes, edamame soybeans and Tenderstem® broccoli in a coconut, ginger and lime curry, served with fragrant jasmine rice.

You don’t even have to miss out on pizza night thanks to a Plant Kitchen Stonebaked Vegan Chicken and Pepper Pizza, this hearty pizza has a stonebaked base and is topped with a signature tomato sauce, herb chicken and grilled peppers!

Love a Macaroni cheese? The Plant Kitchen Vegan Mac and Greens is an indulgent vegan bechamel sauce with macaroni pasta, broccoli, leeks, spinach – topped with crispy onions and breadcrumbs for texture

Need some sauce on your burgers? The new burger sauce is creamy vegan sauce with tangy gherkins and shallots and sweet tomato. Your Plant Kitchen burgers will never be the same again.

The Plant Kitchen range just get better and better!

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