Hallowe’en like you’ve never seen

Hallowe’en like you’ve never seen


The nights are drawing in and if (like us) you’re obsessed with all things Halloween and need spooky sweet treats, then M&S will have you SCREAMING with delight and scarily ready for the ghostliest season of all.

Get stocked up with a frighteningly good selection of sweet treats, both individually wrapped options for those trick-or-treating visitors, and show-stopping gifts for that Halloween gathering you’ve been dying to go to.

Zombie Percy gets the party started with his green eyes and zombie shorts. £10. He’s not as scary as usual but he’s looking great in those shorts. 


Bleeding Brains (£2)

A pack of 4 chunky white and milk chocolate brains filled with an oozing red salted caramel. These are bleeding brilliant! 

Bogey Buttons (£2)

Ever seen bogey green caramel before? It might look frightful but trust us – these green gooey filled chocolate buttons taste devilishly good! 

Tragic Truffles (£5)

Totally tragic! A glow in the dark Coffin filled with 4 different types of chocolate truffle – Raspberry Dead Velvet, Mint Zombie Pus, Caramel Witches Brew and Orange Ghoulish Goo.

Colin The Caterpillar Risky Roulette Sweets (£1.65 – 2 for £3)

Will you get naughty or nice Colin? Take a gamble of these fruity gummy sweets, with a mixture of sweet and sour Colins inside.

Spooky Colin The Caterpillar Faces (£2)

Hand decorated white chocolate Mini Colin Faces, with a Halloween twist. They disappeared very quickly in our office! 

Halloween Colin Caterpillar


Dragon Eggs (£2)

8 bags of milk chocolate mini dragon eggs with a speckled candy shell.

Horror Shock Corn (£5)

A slab of delicious, sweet and salty caramelised popcorn, loaded with chocolate spookiness! Chocolate eyeballs anyone?

M&S Shock Corn

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