Fill Your Own at M&S

Fill Your Own at M&S

Many independent food retailers have been leading the way by offering the option to save on packaging and fill your own container with essentials or frozen food. Local delis and food emporiums have been offering frozen veg, cereal, pasta and more for a while. The Guillemot led the way in Bangor, and Primacy Meats have offered frozen fruit for a while. 

New to the let’s reduce packaging movement is the food powerhouse that is M&S.

M&S Food’s ‘Fill Your Own’ selection in selected stores will allow customers to use their own containers to stock up on M&S quality essentials like pasta, rice, cereal – even frozen fruit and pastries.

In line with M&S’s commitment to cut out 1,000 tonnes of plastic from the business by March 2022 and halve food waste by 2030, the ‘Fill Your Own’ section reduces packaging and allows customers to purchase just what they need.

Will you fill your own? 

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