A pizza party on the bbq

A pizza party on the bbq

Italy is more than just one of the world’s top travel destinations with stunning lakes in the north, historic cities, art treasures galore and beautiful scenery, it’s the home of the pizza. 

We might not have been able to get to one of our favourite countries for a while to have the obligatory pizza, so we’ve been experimenting with recreating that Italian pizza pleasure in our bbq.

Bought earlier this year from Creative Gardens in Donaghadee, our Weber bbq has been bringing all the pleasures all summer long and no doubt this will continue throughout the rest of the year. But pizza in a bbq has been a game changer since we bought the Weber BBQ pizza stone. 

Pizza doesn’t require too many ingredients, but when you buy your pizza dough locally from Knead & Prove, bring home tomatoes and veg from the allotment, it’s makes for a special creation.

Roll out your dough on a floury board (this stops it sticking), add your favourite toppings, and see what it’s like to bake brick-oven pizza in the comfort of your garden. The Weber Pizza Stone is crafted with cordierite stone, which gets extremely hot in a hurry to create light and crispy, thin pizza crusts. When you’re finished cooking, use the metal carry rack to quickly and easily transport your piping hot pizza and pizza stone from barbecue to table.

We have been turning the heat up on the bbq with the stone in place, whilst rolling the dough onto a pizza paddle, then adding our base tomato sauce layer, and our veggie or meat selections on top; then your cheese, vegan or real. You don’t need too many ingredients to recreate your Italian delight, and it also cooks better and faster not overloaded. 

Take your paddle out and slide it onto the pizza stone, close the lid, and let the magic begin. 

After up to 10 minutes (depending on your bbq temperature), your pizza will be ready to enjoy.

Check out Creative Gardens Weber BBQ selection here.

You could also treat yourself to an Ooni Koda Pizza Oven if you want to cook your pizza in 60 seconds. 

Or you could just go for the easiest option and buy your pizza to takeaway. If you’re one of our Bangor followers, we have an Apache Pizza at Toscana Retail Park at Clandeboye. More details for pizza in Bangor.

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