Review: White Doves, a new ballet for Belfast

Review: White Doves, a new ballet for Belfast

White Doves is currently showing at The Mac (3-5 Aug 2023). 

The Six Dance Collective present a new ballet for and about Belfast; choreographed beautifully by Ruaidhri Maguire and music composed by Amelia Clarkson.

Through new dance and music, the story of the formation of The Peace People is brought to life, woven together by two doves.

The ballet follows the story of a local tragedy from 1976 and the campaign for peace by thousands of local woman, a peace that didn’t happen for another 20 years.

The performance includes stylised abstract depictions of the Northern Ireland conflict, these projections help to understand the performance and follow the story as it unfolds from the tragic beginnings to the formation of The Peace People. 

The production is a collaboration of local artists, pre professional dancers from across Ireland and led by 2 international dancers.

White Doves kept us mesmerised throughout the performance. It’s a refreshing change from the usual ballet touring productions and the perfect showcase for local talent.

Ballet can be an acquired taste, something only a few might like; White Doves transcends that, it’s more down to earth, more real, more relatable, more engaging. 

A word from our plus one, ‘A highly original theme around which to build a ballet but beautifully and skilfully performed by a very young and talented troupe of dancers; at times poignant and always engaging, I found it a very moving experience.’

Hopefully we’ll see it return again soon and you’ll get the opportunity to see something unique and special, and local. 

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Congratulations to entire team at White Doves. Wonderfully choreographed and along with the musicians, dancers, synopsis, venue were a pleasure to watch and listen to. Thank-you to all.


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