Review: Saturday Night Fever at the Grand Opera House

Review: Saturday Night Fever at the Grand Opera House

Saturday Night Fever is back in Belfast and as expected, you’ll be itching to dance along to the best-selling Bee Gees soundtrack live on stage.

The show follows the story of Tony Manero, his family, friends, dancing and that white suit we all know from the movie. You’ll get the classic Bee Gees hits from the movie soundtrack and a few extra 70’s classics added for good measure. We smiled at the Steps style dance routine for Tragedy!

Jack Wilcox leads the cast in the role of Tony Manero joined by Rebekah Bryant as his dance partner Stephanie including the onstage presence of the Bee Gees, played by Drew Ferry, Oliver Thomson and AJ Jenks.

The story follows the movie, it’s perhaps a little less gritty (just a little) and more about the choreography and the music. And what fantastic choreography it is as well! Wow! I just wanted to get up and be part of it.

On stage the set is big with a lot of moving parts, it’s very New York with a metal framework used for Brooklyn Bridge, Fire escapes and girders; all being moved around and repositioned subtly throughout the production.

By the end of Saturday Night Fever you’ll be wanting to get your boogie shoes on as you pile out onto Great Victoria Street to strut in true Tony Manero style.

Now showing in Grand Opera House, Belfast

Ends Saturday 24th

Saturday Night Fever

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