Review: Romeo and Juliet at The Lyric Theatre

Review: Romeo and Juliet at The Lyric Theatre

The new season has launched at the Lyric Theatre with a timeless classic by Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet.

This 2023 interpretation of what is probably the best known work by Shakespeare is stylish, beautiful and very relevant to young adults today.

We are taken to Verona where the House of Montague and House of Capulet are competing fashion houses, and where for one week in Summer the families lives are changed forever as young love changes everything.

The set is incredible; classically Italian with a lot of detail, moving pieces, a church, stained glass window, and that balcony. It fills the Lyric stage and is a very impressive sight.

The cast are dressed to kill in Italian summer fashion and style influenced by the fashion houses of the country. It’s the most stylish and Italian looking cast you’ll have ever seen in a local theatre.

At half the length of the original play, the Lyric have packed a lot in to this production, giving us a fast paced look at the final week of the lives of Romeo and Juliet.

It’s worth noting that this is a fast paced story about the passion of a first love, teenage rebellion, and suicide. And the Lyric have consulted with a number of charities to devise school workshops and support material for audiences to raise awareness and educate. Visit the Zachary Geddis Break The Silence Trust website here.

Thanks to the Lyric for the media invite and I’m sure I’ll be thinking about this one for a few days. It’s interesting that the story remains as relevant to us today as it ever did. I guess teenage rebellion always has existed, that journey to discovering yourself as a young adult and all that entails. What we all soon find out is that life is a constant journey of discovery with many ups and downs, and sometimes the down days can get too much, but whatever happens we need educated on how to not take a drastic and irreversible action.

Get your tickets and experience something stunning!

This is a stunningly beautiful adaptation of a timeless classic with a striking set, stylish costumes, and an abundance of local talent; some of whom are experiencing their first professional theatre roles.


4 Feb - 5 Mar 2023

Lyric Theatre

 Production photo of Romeo and Juliet

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I totally agree with this review!
What a triumph for the lyric. It feels like a game changer. So utterly stylish and the production values off the charts!
The team that put this together are masters/mistresses of their craft and Art!
What a stunning cast so easy for us to relate to! So now. So resonant. Real people existing in real time.
A stark reminder of the pressures our youth are under.
All Themes addressed with such clarity and truth and utterly convincing.
What a joy and a privilege to see skill on our stage here!
I can’t recommend this highly enough
A show for all
Start your Shakespeare journey with this and you won’t be disappointed!

Michael Corbidge

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