Review: Give My Head Peace 2022 Live at the Grand Opera House

Review: Give My Head Peace 2022 Live at the Grand Opera House

Opera HouseAfter social distancing for most of 2020 (and 2021!), the Give My Head Peace gang have returned to the stage with a brand-new show.

We had never seen the hit TV show so we definitely had no idea what to expect other than Norn Iron craic.

First of all this was our first trip to the Opera House since early 2020, so excitement levels were high just to see the refurbishment. It didn’t disappoint. The Grand Opera House is such a treasure to have in the city.

Back to Give My Head Peace. We really had no clue what to expect and we definitely didn’t expect singing, sailors costumes, sexy dancing from Sandy or a scene from the Belfast movie along with over egged accents..

On the Opera House preview text it says the show features your favourite characters from the hit TV show, as well as the usual topical Northern Ireland humour, the show includes up-to-the-minute satirical stand-up from the main man himself Tim McGarry.

Topical humour is what you get from the gang, including Stormont, the Belfast Movie, Downing Street parties, the Oscars and Covid.

Give My Head Peace Live is billed as a night of laugh-out-loud comedy and the audience sounded like they loved it, I know I did anyway. Maybe we need comedy in our lives with the way the 2020’s are turning out, but as Cal says to Da when they wreak havoc in the stalls, be careful or you’ll get slapped, in a timely reference to the Oscars.

After the interval we were treated to stand up gig from Tim McGarry. Now that was a treat, no hecklers unfortunately, but he did tell us what he’d say to hecklers.

We loved hearing some Norn Iron banter and craic on stage again, we loved the experience of live theatre, of being amongst other humans enjoying the magic of live entertainment again. 

There are still tickets available if you fancy a wee geg.  Book your seats now, or Pastor Begbie might pay you a wee visit.


Runs until Sat 02 April 2022
  • Sun 8pm
  • Mon - Thurs 7.30pm
  • Fri 6pm & 9pm
  • Sat 5pm & 8pm
Ticket Prices:
£29.25 - £17.50
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