Review: Good Vibrations

Review: Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations, a Lyric Theatre production, has arrived in the Grand Opera House until 20th May 2023.

Terri Hooley’s story is inspirational. He’s a man who brought something special to ‘bomb alley’ in Belfast at a time when no one dared. His love of music was a driving force as he, over time, became the godfather of punk in the city.

Good Vibrations tells probably a slightly tamer version of Terri’s story than it actually was in the 70’s. I would imagine it was a lot scarier in the 70’s to open up a shop on Great Victoria Street.

What you get though is an uplifting and inspiring version of a local music legends life. A life of curiosity and taking risks, a life where that love of music was his primary focus. The production depicts a man who could spot trends, great music, new bands, and who took risks, like making records and going on tour, and as his character says, How hard can it be?, so he goes out and gets it done… that’s inspiring! 

Terri himself turned up on opening night, and other band members were at rehearsals to guide and advise on how each character on stage actually behaved in their heydays.

If you get a chance, book onto a Belfast Punk Music Walking Tour as well, it helps put everything in to perspective as Dolores walks in the footsteps of the punk days and tells of her personal experiences at the time. 

Good Vibrations runs until 20 May at the Grand Opera House.

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