Review: Footloose by Ravara Productions

Review: Footloose by Ravara Productions

Ravara Productions presents Footloose at The Mac this weekend.

I have fond memories of the movie in the cinema in the mid 80’s. The music was iconic, 80’s classics now, and a few which feature in the show took me right back to being a carefree teenager again. It’s so great to hear them performed live on stage by talented teenagers and a fantastic live band. Who wouldn’t enjoy hearing Footloose, Holding Out For A Hero and Let’s Hear It For The Boy performed live.

Taking the lead in this youth theatre production are Ben McCamley as Ren McCormack and Anna Guest as Ariel Moore. They have great chemistry as a couple on stage, and Ben made dancing and singing at the same time look easy.

We loved Willard and Rusty (Harrison Gordon and Serena Smart), they shone on stage and were fantastic when they took the lead. They made us both smile, and we rooted for them right from the get go. Hopefully we’ll see you both on stage again in something in the next few years.

Everyone looked like they were having the best time as they danced, sang, and loved every moment of being in Footloose. And we enjoyed watching every moment of their energetic performance.

It’s an impressive feat to put this together with 11 rehearsal dates starting on 17th August. My non performing self can’t believe something of this standard can come together so quickly. Obviously there’s a massive level of talent amongst everyone involved; from the production and direction, the staging, lighting, choreography, wardrobe and the cast and ensemble. I’m in awe.

Well done to all involved; you’re an inspiration. 

There are still tickets available, treat yourself!


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