Review: Fatale

Review: Fatale

Don’t know why I stuck with this film as it’s not my thing but I wondered how the hero would extricate himself from the murders he is accursed of committing.

To begin at the beginning. Derrek (Michael Ealy) is a wealthy business man with an amazing house in the Hollywood hills, a sports car from the 22nd century and a beautiful wife. She sells real estate and has begun to come home very late at night after smoozing a client interested in a property deal. But Derrek is a good guy, the thought passes his mind that she’s up to something but surely not!

Fast forward to a bachelor party in Las Vegas where his business partner suggests he lets his hair down and has a night of passion with one of the many lady guests. Guess what. He does. At the bar he meets Valerie (Hilary Swank), they get intimate and she talks him into bed but she’s bad news, we know that but he doesn’t realise even when she locks his phone in the hotel safe and won’t give him the code until he returns to bed for more of the same.

This is a black film, menacing music, long pauses and dark looks. His one night stand comes back to haunt him after an intruder breaks into the house and tries to kill him. Cops turn up led by who else but Valerie. She is twisted and ruthless and the web of intrigue she weaves is hard to follow and even more difficult to understand. She’s a psychopath, violent and dedicated to getting her small daughter back from her estranged husband, she’ll kill to get what she wants and somehow she works Derrek into her plot and cleverly goes to extreme lengths to make him the suspect in her wrong doings including the killing of her daughter’s father.

I didn’t like this film but it must have had something to keep me watching to the end. Does he get out of it, does she convince her colleagues he’s the baddie, what happens to the wife?

Boring and tedious with little depth and a lot of blood.

Review by Anne Hailes

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