Review: Cinderella at the Grand Opera House

Review: Cinderella at the Grand Opera House

Northern Ireland’s biggest panto has arrived at the Grand Opera House, Belfast. It’s always a highlight of the festive shows, that may well be because of the location, or because of May McFettridge, or because it’s a big budget production with a massive set, amazing costumes. singing, dancing, mayhem or because it feels like a traditional panto, even with all the 21st century magic and sparkle added in.

Cinderella at the Opera House is a spectacular show, it’s more colourful than ever, the costumes are better than ever and the magical moments are the best they’ve ever been.

May McFettridge as Fairy May flies onto stage to start a night of panto fun. Her disco ball themed outfit is a sight to behold, and her costume at the finale is a show stopper. Elsewhere on stage during the performance you’ll be treated to completely random dancing polar bears, grooving pumpkin heads and a glamorous Royal Ball.

At the end of Act One, you’ll be blown away at the arrival of Cinderella’s coach as it transports her off to the ball to meet the Prince. A ripple of open mouthed amazement swept through the theatre as the coach and horses brought some theatre magic to the audience.

Sisters Vindicta and Manipulata were a lot of fun, I would love to see more of them! Buttons felt very old school with hip thrusting, tongue in cheek, nudge nudge wink wink humour, he was fun and the kids loved him.

The hilarious 12 days of Christmas scene is a tradition and is always a treat, it takes a lot of energy and concentration to pull it off. It was chaotic and memorable.

What a gem of a show, it’s big, colourful, fun. There’s a reason it’s the biggest panto in the land!

Catch it at the Opera House until 15 Jan 2023.

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