Review: Cailini

Review: Cailini

Keep an eye out in the future for the team behind this because as new talent they clearly have a bright future ahead. Cailini looks at a darker side of family life along with twists and turns that take you by surprise. The Mahon sisters have their issues like many families, will they resolve them or will the situation get worse? Do the issues stem from their dad’s actions as they grow up dealing with the consequences of life in this family home?

From start to finished we are teased with snippets of family history being revealed little by little until the end when boom.. surprise. Over 80 minutes in a theatre setting without a break can sometimes be an absolute chore, but not here. Just brilliant! Well done to everyone involved.

I’m sure I missed bits because revelations just sneak up or subtly happen. If I could, I’d go back and enjoy it all over again.


Lyric Theatre until Sunday 5 May 2024

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