Review: Are Yule Being Served

Review: Are Yule Being Served

It’s a craicer! 

If you’ve ever worked in hospitality over the Christmas period you’ll know it has its challenges! This year at the Wind Yer Neck Inn bookings include feuding families, festive functions, and frisky punters. It’s chaos!

Written, produced and starring Caroline Curran, Are Yule Being Served is the best craic and we loved it. Also starring Patrick Buchanan and Rhodri Lewis, this small cast take on multiple roles in The Mac for a fabulously festive production.

The small cast of 3 will have you laughing from start to finish, you’ll be chuckling and singing along with them as they deal with Christmas challenges, drunken revellers and your heart strings will be pulled with secret love and adoration. And that ending, get ready to throw your arms in the air and sing along. 

This is one of those funny and heartwarming productions that will leave you with a smile on your face and a week after seeing it I’m still smiling and thinking about how much I enjoyed it. Definitely one of my Christmas show highlights for 2023.

Jeff Meredith

Are Yule Being Served?
Written by and Starring Caroline Curran
The MAC Belfast, 7th-31st December 2023

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