Review: Aladdin at the Waterfront

Review: Aladdin at the Waterfront

It’s panto season so it is. And GBL productions are back with another season of colourful fun at the Waterfront Studio.

Widow Twankey is running a launderette and hot food takeaway while looking after her son Aladdin. Meanwhile Aladdin is creating havoc around town, getting into trouble and watching Princess Jasmine. This means trouble, because it’s a crime to look at the Princess.

The widow is on a manhunt as well, first it’s a member of the audience until AbanAbbeyCentre arrives on the scene, it’s love at first sight, well for her it is anyway. Abanazar is after one thing, Aladdin’s inheritance, he’s a scammer after the money! Does he get it? Does he get the lamp?

The show is full on, action packed music filled mayhem.  Expect fun dance routines to your favourite tunes, remixed and reworked. The kids adore the chaos, they are up dancing, waving, booing, shouting and singing along.

I left feeling like I’d woken up from a colourful chaotic dream filled with music, dance and craziness.

Enjoy panto season! And watch out.. it’s behind you, oh yes it is…..

There’s limited availability for many dates so get your tickets quickly here.

Production photo by Johnny Frazer


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