Review: A Happy Medium

Review: A Happy Medium

May McFettridge stars in A Happy Medium as a woman from the Glens of Gormley who wanted to make contact with her dead sister to fulfil a promise made years ago on the top of the Cave Hill.

She gets in touch with Mr Proudfoot, a part-time medium from Ahoghill, to make contact with her sister  and gets more than she bargains for. She unlocks hidden powers, family secrets, and the family is rocked by ‘ghosts of the past’.

May McFettridge (John Linehan) is a panto legend in the Opera House and the warmth of affection and love for the character is clear from the offset as her biggest fans filled the theatre with laughter.

Olivia Nash arrives on stage eventually to a massive round of applause, she almost steals the show! She’s not on stage enough.

A Happy Medium is a show for May’s most diehard fans, an opportunity to see her on stage outside panto season. There were a number of people in the theatre who were disappointed with the first half of A Happy Medium, and any I spoke to agree that the second half saved the day.

Overall it was a heart warming night of theatre that brought out a few smiles in some and laugh out loud moments for others. 

A Happy Medium 

Ends Saturday 22 April

Grand Opera House, Belfast


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