Amazon Prime Review: And So It Goes

Amazon Prime Review: And So It Goes

It’s not surprising that Michael Douglas falls in love with Diane Keaton at the end of the day. She is a most expressive actresses and he is mega attractive.

Oran Little (Douglas) is a self obsessed and embittered businessman who has lost his wife and when visiting her grave on her birthday, criticises her for choosing to be buried at the top of a hill, ‘it’s not as if you can enjoy the view.’ That’s typical, a joke with a jag.

They lived in a beautiful mansion but now it’s up for sale so he exists in a little complex where one of his neighbours is Keaton. No one likes him, he parks without consideration, blocking other owners especially the couple expecting a baby any day and have to walk a distance to their apartment; he shoots dogs with a paint ball gun and when it comes to dealing with would be buyers of his home, as he’s the estate agent he assures them there’s no wriggle room on price; and there’s little wriggle room in his life either.

The neighbours have a lot of complaints about his rudeness however, when confronted his response is ‘tell the manager’ and it turns out not only is he the manager but he owns Little Shangi-la. No one can get through to him, he just shrugs his shoulders and gets on with his selfish life and Douglas has some great lines, fast repartee and dry wit.

Leah (Keaton) sings in a local restaurant. She’s not very good but she touches the audience as she bursts into tears when she sings a sad song and the tips roll in. Oran sees her weaknesses and determine to act as agent her appearances improve. 

But his comfy life is tossed into turmoil when his son turns up, he’s going into jail for drug offences and needs someone to look after his daughter for the few months he’s locked up. That someone is Oran.

So Sarah (Sterling Jerkins) arrives on the scene and gradually the iceman melts and warmth comes to the surface but it’s basically with the help of the widow next door.

He undergoes a transformation, gets his son out of jail, delivers the baby, spoils the chid, tells the widow how to put her act right and falls for her big time. One kiss and they are in bed and the rest is history.

Inconsequential film but fills in an hour and a half and you can’t help liking Douglas and Keaton and grand daughter Sarah is a delight.

Anne Hailes

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