Review: Oti Mabuse – I AM HERE arrives in Belfast

Review: Oti Mabuse – I AM HERE arrives in Belfast

Oti Mabuse – I AM HERE arrived in Belfast tonight and she most certainly IS HERE.

An excited audience packed into the Opera House on opening night of its Belfast run. Excited because they’d waited for this Covid delayed show for a few years now. Oti even thanked them for holding on to their tickets for so long.

I am here production shotWe start in the current day and through the joy of music and dance we travel back through life in Germany and meeting her husband, trips to the UK to learn from the best, and back to a childhood in South Africa.

This production features a run of classic songs from the musicals, to belter pop songs you just want to dance along to; in fact by the end you will be dancing along, to a fun choreographed routine; and you’ll love it!

What a show. Filled with sparkle and energy. I certainly didnt expect a concert with the most amazing singers, a live band, a whole troupe of dancers and Oti. She is a powerhouse, a bright light on stage sharing her love of life, her life, the good times and the struggles.

Oti is supported by 10 dancers, a four-piece band and incredible vocalists Nik Vani and Natalia Brown. 

If you are going to the Opera House this week you’re in for an absolute treat, I’d expect the roof to blow off the Opera House on Wednesday and Thursday, like it did on Tuesday. This is a spectacular show of music and dance, led by the loveliest most joyful Oti Mabuse. You’ll be dancing in your seats, clapping your hands, tapping your feet, waving your arms about and singing along in your head to a lot of dance classics, all the while watching a top class production.

Runs until Thursday at


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