MIRRORBALL, a brand-new musical at the Lyric Theatre

MIRRORBALL, a brand-new musical at the Lyric Theatre

MIRRORBALL, a brand-new musical from Replay Theatre Company, is to receive its world premiere at the Lyric Theatre in Belfast on Friday 10th and Saturday 11th March 2023.  

Based on the real-life experiences of Belfast performer, Matt Cavan and his drag persona Cherrie Ontop, Mirrorball explores the immense potential of creativity when our worlds are turned upside down by life circumstances.  

A brand-new musical, written by Patrick J O’Reilly, with original musical compositions by Garth McConaghie, Mirrorball celebrates creativity, authenticity and the power of the imagination to make a better world for ourselves.  

The cast includes some of the best talent in Northern Ireland, with Matt playing himself and also including Sean Kearns, Jolene O’Hara and Gerard McCabe. 

The show, aimed at young audiencers 15+, will form part of the closing weekend of Young at Art’s, 2023 Belfast Children’s Festival. 

The show’s director, Janice Kernoghan-Reid said, “We’re so excited to share this show with audiences - it’s fun and high energy, with a lot of heart and some show-stopping tunes. If just one person leaves the theatre feeling uplifted and maybe even less alone, our work here will be done.” 

Show co-creator Matthew Cavan stated, “The blessing of being an artist is being able to take difficult things from your life and create art, hopefully something that will leave a lasting impact. It’s a scary thing to put your life on stage, but I feel we’ve created something very special that I’m now excited to share with our audiences at the Belfast Children’s Festival.” 

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