Review: Northern Ballet’s The Little Mermaid

Review: Northern Ballet’s The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is one of Northern Ballet’s most popular productions and it arrived at the Grand Opera House this week for a few nights of breathtakingly beautiful dancing, a striking set, and a massive touch of Celtic inspired music and costume.

Performed by Northern Ballet’s world-class dancers we rediscover Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytale.

We start with a stunning interpretation of life under the sea, a life of mermaids and sea creatures. Mermaids float around the stage held up by the outstretch arms of the troupe; it’s mesmerising and graceful.

A young mermaid falls in love with a mortal Prince who has fallen into the underwater scene.

But as you might know, love changes everything, and the mermaid gets her wish to follow the Prince to a life on land.

Leaving her life at sea behind, she slowly finds her new land legs but loses her voice.

The things you do for love eh!

But is this a happy ever after fairytale?

This is a mesmerising production and you’ll be hooked from start to finish. Little Mermaid you brought me to tears, you are a beautiful graceful loving soul and I wish you didn’t give up your magical world for the Prince.

Northern Ballet that was a special night of gorgeous ballet, and the most emotional production I’ve seen in the Opera House in a while. Thank you for bringing The Little Mermaid to Belfast.

I should also shout out to the Northern Ballet Sinfonia for the music, to David Nixon for the choreography, direction, scenario and costume design, Tim Mitchell for lighting, and the stunning set design by Kimie Nakano.

Simply beautiful in every way! 


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