Yellowstone: A Brief History Of Belfast City Hospital

Yellowstone: A Brief History Of Belfast City Hospital

Yellowstone: A Brief History Of Belfast City Hospital is a short documentary film about the history of Belfast City Hospital by Éanna Mac Cana.

At only 30 minutes long this documentary packs a lot in;  a look at the changing face of the City Hospital site and the journey of a family’s connection to the hospital. From his parents story of loss, to his time there in the Summer of 2017, Éanna has created a fascinating look at the hospital and his emotional connection to it. So mesmerisingly beautiful I watched it twice, just to take it all in. 

It kicks off with the demolition of the Jubilee Maternity Hospital with footage of his parents during the demolition, but soon turns it’s focus to the hospital site and it’s 180 years of caring for patients.

In the mid 1800’s it was a 6 bed unit to look after the sick at the city workhouse. A city which at one time had the largest population on the island. As it grew the hospital evolved to cater for the needs of the population.

From the first X-ray machines shooting sparks, to the Tower block arriving 10 years later than scheduled in 1986 and hugely over budget. From the beginnings of the NHS, to the current pandemic and the Nightingale role. There’s also an interesting very old clip about how to wear masks the right way, an issue for nurses when the clip was created, and yet very current today.

The historical element of the documentary is beautifully interwoven with a very personal journey of a family’s life connected to the hospital across the generations.

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