Jet2holidays Free Resort Flight Check-in® service will return

Jet2holidays Free Resort Flight Check-in® service will return

Jet2holidays has announced that its exclusive Free Resort Flight Check-in® service will return this summer, delighting customers and independent travel agents who have been looking forward to its welcome return.

Helping to make going home even easier, the UK’s largest tour operator is relaunching the smart service in well over 50 hotels initially in Cyprus in time for Summer 23. The return of the innovative service from the end of April, means that customers in selected hotels in Paphos and Larnaca will once again be able to benefit from using it, making their last day bag-free.

The free service allows customers to check-in their bags at the hotel in the morning on their day of departure, leaving them bag-free for the rest of the day and at the airport.

Customers simply drop their bags off securely with Jet2holidays’ specialist Free Resort Flight Check-in® Team at the hotel, and the bags are then safely transported to the airport by the team and stowed onto the aircraft.

This gives customers time to enjoy themselves at the hotel on the last day of their holiday without having to carry suitcases around. Plus, customers can simply go straight through to security at the airport.

Jet2holidays first launched its Free Resort Flight Check-in® service in 2016, and the service enjoyed sky-high popularity with phenomenal levels of take up and satisfaction from customers.

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