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Bathe Botanicals

Beer soap (made with harp lager)

Beer soap (made with harp lager)

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Beer soap. 

Made with real Harp Lager added to our bespoke blend of essential oils to create a beautifully bubbly bar that will leave your skin soft and clean.

It’s a real treat!


Bathe Botanicals artisan soap are handcrafted and packed full of luxurious butters and oils which not only make them look pretty but ensure a hard, long-lasting and cleansing bar of soap not to mention make them decadent to use on hands and body.

Handmade in small batches at their soap studio in County Armagh where we cut each bar individually by hand.

Bathe Botanicals love to use local products as well as support fellow small business owners.

All soaps are made using local spring water from the southern shore of Lough Neagh.

The colloidal oatmeal is made from award-winning oats from Whites Oats Mill in Tandragee.

All our products are free from palm oil, harmful chemicals, toxins, or preservatives.


Key ingredients

Olive Oil is deeply nourishing and moisturising. It relieves dry skin as well as being anti-inflammatory and non-irritating

Coconut Oil cleanses the skin. It is rich in fatty acids which remove dirt and bacteria as well as sloughing away dead skin leaving the skin clean without removing the moisture.

Cocoa Butter is rich, creamy and decadent. It is packed full of skin-loving qualities and is a perfect addition to the other oils and butters.

Shea Butter contains Vitamin A and Vitamin E which help with anti-ageing. It restores elasticity to the skin and is packed with anti-inflammatory goodness. It also leaves the skin soft and supple.

Sweet Almond Oil helps the skin retain moisture and keep it hydrated while vitamin E soothes irritation.

Castor Oil also has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and moisturising properties as well as creating those lovely soap bubbles we all love.

Glycerine while not added directly to the recipe is caused during the process of saponification (when the recipe bonds to make soap).


Bar Size

Net weight approx. 125g

Size approx. 10 x 7 x 2 cm

All soaps are handmade and hand-cut so size, shape and design may vary from bar to bar.

Please note:

The information in our listings applies to the properties of each specific ingredient used in the finished product.



For external use only.

Avoid contact with the eyes.

If skin irritation occurs, discontinue use.

Avoid in case of known allergy to listed ingredients.

Always consult your doctor before using essential oils during pregnancy.

Take care with toppings around young children and pets

At this time our soaps are not suitable for those with serious nut allergies.


How to use:

Take your soap between your hands and run under warm water. Rub soap between hands to create luxurious bubbles.

Rinse and dry.

These soaps will last longer than regular soap so ensure you keep it at its best by using a draining soap dish. This will prolong the life of the soap.

The soaps can feel rather large in the hands, so don't be afraid to cut them in half to make them easier to handle.


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